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Protect yourself and the environment by using FlareAlert’s LED emergency lights.

Strike Flares

  • Strike flares contain potassium perchlorate that can contaminate groundwater. Strike flares also contain strontium nitrate which releases nitrogen dioxide into the air
  • Strike flares can only be used once, and do not last as long
  • Strike flares burn at 5000 degrees F, and can ignite spilled oil or gasoline
  • Strike flares are known to potentially start brush fires
  • Strike flares are considered hazardous waste, and must be disposed according to EPA guidelines
    • Strike flares char and litter the pavement
    • Require proper cleanup and disposal

FlareAlert LED Emergency Lights

  • FlareAlert is 100% environmentally safe
  • FlareAlert can be reused, one light can replace thousands of strike flares
  • FlareAlert relies on LED lights rather than a flame
  • FlareAlert can simply be picked up and stored for future use


We are a family-owned and operated business located in Colorado. We have always focused on offering the best quality products at competitive prices. We take great pride in all of our offerings and are tirelessly searching for innovative ways to improve on what our customers need. We also strive to take necessary steps to be environmentally friendly through our products and packaging.

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