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How does the FlareAlert compare to other LED flares?

FlareAlert LED emergency lights are the most affordable and effective LED emergency products available for your roadside emergency car kit. The combination of crush resistance, 360 degrees of light, magnetic base, and multiple modes and colors to choose from make the FlareAlert truly unique.

Do I need the Weighted Base?

If your plan is to use the FlareAlert for traffic safety, then probably not. The Weighted Base is primarily used for anchoring the FlareAlert for helicopter landings.

Do all FlareAlerts come with the magnetic base?

Yes, all versions of the FlareAlert are magnetic. FlareAlert magnets are built into the unit.

Can the FlareAlert be used during the day?

Yes, but the ambient light will diminish the FlareAlert’s effectiveness. Similar to a flashlight, the FlareAlert is much brighter at night.

How many FlareAlert Beacons should I keep in my car?

Most of our civilian users like to keep 2-3 FlareAlerts in each car, truck, boat, and/or RV roadside emergency kit. In contrast, many of our professional light users prefer to keep 6-8 FlareAlerts per vehicle (plus accessories).

What is an LED and why are they becoming so popular?

LEDs or “Light Emitting Diodes” are solid state (no moving parts) electronic devices that emit light when electric current is passed through them. Many LEDs have a life span of over 11 years (100,000 hours). That’s approximately 100 to 10,000 times longer than incandescent bulbs. LEDs are more environmentally friendly than incandescent bulbs because they are more electric power efficient, save on battery costs, and don’t burn out or break as easily as fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. All this and more make FlareAlert LED’s a perfect addition to any emergency roadside kit.


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