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Seller warrants only the original buyer that the product shall be free from defects and material and workmanship under normal use.  Seller’s obligations hereunder, and buyer’s exclusive remedy shall be limited solely to the repair, exchange or replacement of the product, at seller’s election, show to be defective to the satisfaction of seller, within two (2) years of purchase for led flare and their accessories, one (1) year for alkaline battery powered work lights, batons, and flashlights, and ninety (90) days for rechargeable products. This limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including all warranties of merchantability and fitness for use and of all other obligations or liabilities on seller’s part, and seller neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for seller, any other liability in connection with the sale of this product.  This warranty shall not apply to any product or part thereof which has been subject to accident, negligence, alteration, abuse or misuse.  In no event shall seller be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages arising out of the buyer’s use of the product.  The parties intend the foregoing exclusion of liability as an independent agreement apart from the sole and exclusive remedies herein.


We are a family-owned and operated business located in Colorado. We have always focused on offering the best quality products at competitive prices. We take great pride in all of our offerings and are tirelessly searching for innovative ways to improve on what our customers need. We also strive to take necessary steps to be environmentally friendly through our products and packaging.

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