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Save Lives

Protect yourself, others, and your equipment by switching to FlareAlert’s LED emergency lights today.

  • Strike flares ingredients are known to be corrosive to the eyes, as well as irritants to the skin and lungs
  • Strike flares can emit molten flakes, which put the user at risk for burns, damaged equipment, or even damaged vehicles
  • Many professional users (police/fire departments) have a tendency to burn their expensive uniforms and put holes in them
  • Strike flares contain sulfur, potassium perchlorate, and strontium nitrate, which can enhance combustion (making it more dangerous for the user and the environment) as well as find a way into ground water

FlareAlert’s LED emergency lights are safe to use near anyone or anything, eliminating the risk of burns, or damaged to any expensive gear/equipment. They don’t contain dangerous chemicals like those in strike flares and are completely safe to use.


We are a family-owned and operated business located in Colorado. We have always focused on offering the best quality products at competitive prices. We take great pride in all of our offerings and are tirelessly searching for innovative ways to improve on what our customers need. We also strive to take necessary steps to be environmentally friendly through our products and packaging.

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